Doing what I love

Doing what I love

Hi to all from Rosanna

My blog is for all you who live in urban settings, as I do, and who believe that small gardens are an opportunity to be extra creative and that the onus is on us urbanites to do as much “greening” as we possibly can.  In the suburbs people are taking care of wildlife; they are helping to keep pollution at bay with plant life and at the same time  improving the air we breathe and, of course, they are simply making the environment look more attractive – enhancing the towns and cities with plants and flowers.


I ran my own gardening business for ten very enjoyable years.  At the same time I taught horticulture and gardening, both as leisure classes and for City & Guilds certification, and gave gardening talks.

My gardening life now continues with now having the time to rejuvenate my own garden and to continue with my allotment plot of many years.  It seems to be a strange fact that most  professional gardeners I have known also grow vegetables on an allotment plot.  It amazes me that we don’t all do something entirely different –  I guess we all love what we do.

Rosanna trimming topiary

I have also gained more time for making preserves, a long-felt want and, over the last couple of years have been trying out jams, jellies and pickles.

I’ll be sharing problem-solving tips with you as they crop up and I’ll add any interesting gardening topics and tales as I hear about them.

The other aspect of gardening life now is the monthly updated blog.

Rosanna drives tractor during training

Gardening was a late career choice. Because I have enjoyed it that much it I often think it really ought to have been an early one. From the outset I was clear about studying so to start with a sound theoretical skill base as well as a year’s practical horticulture training. I was then able to choose which market section I wanted to cater for.

I always anticipated working for myself and I have been fortunate enough to work on some beautiful gardens. To keep skills up to date I then regularly offered my temporary voluntary services to large gardens in exchange for them allowing me to learn something I was interested in.

But I am not always muddy – other interests include photography, arthouse film and fungi.

It seems obvious to me that human beings were meant to be connected to the soil and the rich pickings modern society offers demands that sacrifice if we don’t make a point of it. It is good now to see so many people engaging in growing their own food and garden visiting is one of the premier pastimes of the 50+ generation – so people are still connected to the soil in a modified way.

I am based in south east London and I try on most months to include a garden visit.  I search out the less well known gardens and green spaces and if I enjoy my visit, which I inevitably do, I shall be sharing it with you.

Please feel free to get in touch and/or comment at the foot of a post.  I look forward to hearing from you.